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Sean is a man of many hats! He is known as a performer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, school teacher, instrument repair tech, and piano tuner. At Lakewinds, his students can choose from a variety of instruments, genres, and methods, all depending on their interests and goals. Click for more information!

Sean VanZeeland

Sean VanZeeland is a multi-instrumentalist and educator, specializing in piano, voice, and fiddle. He began learning music in 2007 using a variety of methods, ranging from private lessons to college coursework, to aural folk traditions. Sean's professional experience includes two years teaching public school music, directing Ashland High School's Lake Effect Show Choir, performing in community and professional theatre pit orchestras, recording two studio albums and one solo project, and performing at the Overture Center in Madison in 2016 after receiving a Jerry Award. His students will learn a holistic approach to music that includes a personalized combination of ear training, music theory, technique development, musical expression, and most importantly, having fun making music!

Faded Sandpaper

​We'd like to introduce you to one of our teachers, Sean VanZeeland. Sean would love to meet you as well, so we hope you will come and introduce yourself, and consider joining our program!

Meet Sean VanZeeland

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