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Big Waves Recording Studio


You could be the best in the world at your craft, but if people don't even know about your performance, then they aren't going to come to it!


As a first step, add your show to our event calendar now so we can help spread the word. That will cost you nothing but a few minutes. If you are interested in going further to get bigger audiences for your shows, talk to us about our promotional services. We bring twenty years of marketing and solid experience promoting events specifically in the Chequamegon Bay area, so we'd love to work with you to help you succeed with your vision as a performing artist.

Band Instruments

Hi, my name is James Shafstall. I own Lakewinds Music and operate the recording studio.


If you are on this page because you are wondering if recording in a studio is right for you, I'm going to be bold and tell you the answer is "YES." I say this because if you are wondering at all, then that to me is an indicator that, on some level, you really do want to do it. You might have a chorus of voices shouting over that dream, telling you every reason that you shouldn't or can't. But I'm telling you, those voices are wrong.


Recording in our studio here at Lakewinds is actually very friendly and accessible. So let me tell you all the reasons that you should and you can.

But first, watch this video by Vince Scheuren and the Parkinsong Choir. We recorded the audio in our studio.


  • Think it's too expensive? A professional recording is probably even more within your budget than recording at home would be. We have acoustically treated rooms, high-quality microphones, and the equipment is ready to go. That means we can record quickly and get high quality sounds from the start. With a basic song we most likely won't even have to do much editing to produce an excellent recording. We can probably create something beautiful with you to take home in just a couple hours of studio time.

  • Never recorded in a studio? We are actually a music lesson studio first and foremost. The main reason we established this studio wasn't for recording per se, but for education. We would love to have you here to show you how fun and fulfilling it is to go through the process itself. Heck, we'd love to do a session of scratch recordings with you just to show you how it all works. You'll never listen to radio songs the same way again.

  • Think you aren't advanced enough as a musician? Recording - or music, for that matter - isn't always about creating a masterpiece or even releasing something to the public. It has to be something you do for yourself first. Recording in a studio, especially a comfortable and welcoming one, is worth the experience in and of itself. And by the way, if you approach it with that attitude, and we combine that with our technical skills, your final recording will sound better than you think!

  • Aren't looking to release a recording to the public? There are so many other reasons to record. It is an amazing way to capture a moment in time. But rather than me trying to explain it, just think about the video above by Vince Schueren and the Parkinsong Choir. What a unique and wonderful piece, and each person in this choir will have the video and recording to look back on and cherish for the rest of their lives! I'm sure none of them thought they could be in something like this.


Even if you are still just in the wondering stage, feel free to call us at (715) 409-2047, email me at, or fill out the form below. Conversations are free!

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