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Instrument Rentals

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Lakewinds Music is an Authorized Rental Partner for the leading national music retailer Sweetwater Sound. That means you have the best of both worlds: rent your instrument online and have it shipped straight to your house, or you can come into our store in Washburn and rent the instrument in person (we'd love to meet you).

Local Music Store, National Retailer

Benefits at-a-glance:

  • Given all the advantages of renting from Sweetwater, it's surprising to learn the lower cost as well. The initial downpayment is small, then there is a two-month trial period in which you make no payments at all. Only in month three do you begin making monthly rental payments, which are friendlier than other alternatives.

  • We carry all the top brands of educator-approved instruments. Sweetwater's program even goes above and beyond with upgraded cases, bows, strings, and mouthpieces.

  • No more waiting a week or more to get your instrument repaired! With Sweetwater's Rental Instrument Protection Plan, repairs couldn't be more convenient. You have two options: 1) bring the instrument into Lakewinds Music and we will exchange it for an equal instrument on the spot; or 2) just make a phone call and Sweetwater will immediately ship out a replacement instrument directly to you. You will usually receive the replacement instrument in 2-4 business days. With the replacement instrument they will include a shipping label for you to send the old instrument back to them in the same box. The best part is, it won't cost you a single extra dime when you have the Rental Instrument Protection plan. 

  • As a local music store, Lakewinds has relationships with band directors and schools across the Northland (in fact we gig with some of them). When you fill out the instrument rental form on Sweetwater's website you will find that your band director's preferred lesson book and other accessories are conveniently listed and preselected for you to bundle into your initial rental. And because of Sweetwater's friendly no-payment two-month trial period you won't find the initial accessory purchase to be an added burden. You can always come into Lakewinds Music to purchase accessories in person as well.

  • Sweetwater is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is not far away in terms of shipping. They also have lightning-fast turnaround, and because they are a large and respected company, they have special deals with their shipping company. If you place your order early in the day you are likely to receive your instrument at your house within 2-4 business days.

  • Sweetwater's customer service is stellar. But if you do have a problem, or simply like to do things face-to-face, then come on into Lakewinds Music at 409 W Bayfield St, Washburn WI. We're a family-owned business. We are musicians in our community and our kids are, too! We're right here and we'll get the problem solved.

  • 100% of the rental payments you make will be applied toward an instrument purchase. When you do decide to pay off your instrument, you will get 25% off the remaining balance.

  • If your student is ready to upgrade or decides to try a different instrument, simply contact us and we'll exchange it. As long as you are going to an instrument of equal or greater value your rental credit will transfer to the new instrument.

  • You can return your instrument anytime. There are no minimum periods of rental. If you decide to return the instrument, you will only be charged for the time you have it until it arrives back at Sweetwater, with no hassle, no obligation, and no hidden fees.

Prefer to rent in person?

We'd love to see you in the store. We're in an easily accessible building located on Bayfield Street in Washburn, across from the post office. Feel free to call us at (715) 409-2047.

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