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Susan Zeuske is an experienced musician, teacher, and studio instructor with expertise in piano and woodwind instruments. Ms. Zeuske holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, where she studied piano performance and instrumental music education. She then continued her education to receive a Master of Music from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. When not involved in a music activity, you can find Ms. Zeuske weaving at her loom, swimming in the lake, playing board games, hiking in the woods, and cooking delicious food with her husband.

Susan Zeuske

Ms. Zeuske has been teaching music in the Wisconsin public schools since 1997. She’s held positions teaching orchestra in the school districts of Kenosha, Mequon, and Sheboygan and has taught band in Plymouth and Howards Grove. Ms. Zeuske has also maintained an active music lesson studio and performed with numerous local ensembles. Since moving to Bayfield, she’s been teaching music with the Manitowoc Public Schools through a virtual charter school and performing with the Chequamegon Symphony Orchestra.

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​We'd like to introduce you to one of our teachers, Susan Zeuske. Susan would love to meet you as well, so we hope you will come and introduce yourself, and consider joining our program!

Meet Susan Zeuske

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